"Application Maintenance and Support (AMS) service at FocusR, delivers high-quality 24 X 7 supports for Oracle applications and SAP applications, systems and infrastructure for enterprises. Our Application Maintenance and Support service follows the ABITS Support and Maintenance Model (designed and benchmarked with global standards of support for Oracle applications). The model has a reliable measurement system, improves SLA adherence and has a standardized problem management process that uses the best practices across industries.

The support model increases overall reliability, accessibility, performance and effectiveness of applications, while reducing IT maintenance costs. We achieve this through both onsite and offshore delivery models leveraging our excellent team of consultants while enabling clients to gain maximum business value from their technology investment.


  • Improved reliability, availability and performance of the infrastructure, operations, application and interfaces
  • 24 X 7 SLA driven support
  • Issue traceability throughout support cycle
  • Framework and tools to assist support execution and project management
  • Maximizing offshore leverage to provide significant savings (up to 60%) and predictable support costs
  • Pool of consultants specialized in providing support services